Roberto Palermo

Roberto Palermo, musician and composer Born in Belvedere Marittimo (Cosenza) March 15, 1976. Lives in Oslo / mob. (+ 47) 46 74 42 63 He began studying the accordion at the age of eleven at the Italian Music Learning Center of S. Vincenzo La Costa (Cosenza), under the direction of Maestro Lucio Cortese.

His musical growth is enhanced by a number of national and international competitions, the results of which see him ranked between 1st and 2nd place. But the initial classical training leaves soon the place to a true passion for jazz that began to take shape in the collaboration with the "Imperfect Jazz Quartet", together with the drummer Manolito Cortese. In 2002, therefore, he takes up the study of jazz music at the Institute " Voglia D'Arte " at Roseto degli Abruzzi (Te) in the wake of Maestro Renzo Ruggieri. It’s here that begins a new period of intense critical study aimed to investigate the most intimate expressive reasons of the accordion as an instrument of “art”.

The classic study remains the basis of his training which translates today into an eclecticism that led him to express himself through various genres: from rock to ethnic and especially to jazz, embracing the music in its various expressions thanks to an instrument, the accordion, which has long since passed the historic role of folk or classical instrument to establish itself in the totality of musical genres and styles. His concert activity aims to promote new literature of experimental heritage of contemporary music.

Since 2002 he lives in Rome where he meets and collaborates with a range of artistic figures of broad spectrum: professionals of theater and music scene operating for a long time in the roman scenery where the musical and artistic ferment is in continuous enrichment thanks to the metropolitan “uropean mittle” breath that feeds and amplifies the Italian cultural scene with a "wave" of internationality. As a theatre-musician, in 2002, he participates in the performances , " Nudo ad occhi chiusi " at the Teatro Valle and Teatro dell’Orologio in Rome, directed by Riccardo Cavallo and music by Stefano De Meo. The show, in which the narrative rhythm alternates to the music of the late Romantic smoky Parisian bistros, traces the "decadent " life of A. Modigliani.

From his debut onwards the concert activity and theater and cinema composition alternates recursively. It is with the irreverent " Salomè " directed by Gianni De Feo , with Marina Occhiena and Howard Ray, that follows the scene for a show in which the musical becomes pocket and horror gives way to irony and the grotesque. In July 2003 he took part in the competition for jazz accordionists in the city of Morro D'oro ( Teramo), ranking in third place.

He takes part in the first stage of jazz / modern music held by Maestro Renzo Ruggieri promoted by the Accademia Musicale Voglia D’Arte, the Master Class of Maestro F. Deschamps accordion teacher at the Paris Conservatoire and the Master Class of Maestro Richard Galliano. In 2004 he starts the project of reading and music with the writer Fabrizio Vecchi. In this way have origin: the yellow - comedy that has as its background the daring theft of the Mona Lisa of "La questione G. " and, later , the ensemble of playful and irreverent poems " Intermittenze " and " Animalaria ." He composes the music for the play " Fiori nel cielo", directed by Ilaria Testoni . He collaborates also with Rein , folk rock band , in the edition of three musical projects that are realized in the release of " Est ", " Ballate di fine inverno ", " Occidente" .

In 2007, he composes and plays musics for the show dedicated to Luigi Tenco : " Tra tanta gente", directed by Marco Alessi , artist Leandro Amato, National Premiere at Teatro della Versiliana 2007. In the same year founded the alliance with the clarinetist Marco Di Mario and the bassist Giulio Ceccacci that gives life to a concert and creative activity ( Teatro Eliseo – Notti al Foyer. Rome 2010) Winner of “Bari in jazz 2008” with the trio Di Marco- Palermo- Ceccacci and award Italy Award 2009 Jazz category , toggles a concert career to that of composer and performer with increasing intensity and evolution. He edited in Rome the artistic direction of the historic Roman jazz club "Bebop Jazz Club" .

In 2012 he began a new experience in the field of acting with the company " Mauri Sturno " that sees him not only as a musician in the scene, but also as an actor in the show : "Quello che prende gli schiaffi " directed by Glauco Mauri . His concert and creative activity continues in an increasingly eclectic and expressive way. Music publications: “Rein: Est”, single released in Creative Common 2005. “Occidente”, copyleft Creative Common 2008 "Alma de Tango plays Piazzolla and others" kafer records 2013 Compositions and interpretations fot the Theatre: “Nudo ad occhi chiusi”. Teatro Valle, Teatro dell’Orologio. Rome 2003 “Salomè”. Teatro dell’Orologio. Rome 2004 “Anima