Oslo Operaball 8 February 2020 -
the best masquerade ball in europe!

For 30 years this unique event has been arranged in Oslo to light up the Norwegian dark winter days and cure your winter blues. First only amongst the students of the Oslo University, but later open to anyone interested.

The evening starts with a fabulous festive concert in the University Aula. After the concert we parade through the streets of Oslo with torches, accompanied by the sound of the bells of the City Hall.
We arrive Gamle Logen for a magical masquerade ball where we enjoy small intimate opera concerts and dance the night away to live music played by Oslo Symphony Orchestra.

Prepare for a night of great fun, dance and music!
This event is for anyone interested in music, opera, dance, the arts
– or for the ones who just wants to travel back in time, and get a memory for life.

Dress up, find a mask and create the night of your dreams!